Semdora Prep Oil
Semdora Prep Oil
Semdora Prep Oil
Semdora Prep Oil
Semdora Prep Oil


Semdora Prep Oil

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Prevent in-grown hairs and experience a pain-less wax or laser experience with our Semdora Prep Oil. Perfect for prepping, numbing, and soothing the skin before a hair removal treatment. Extracts from natural plant and seeds that have antiseptic, anesthetic, and soothing properties make this product a staple in your hair removal routine. 

How to Use:

Apply up to three times for maximum anesthetic effects (wait 3-5 minutes between each application). Apply again following a waxing/laser/tweezing/threading session to soothe and moisturize the skin.


Sweet Birch Oil- reduces pain, treats skin diseases, acts as a skin toner

Cinnamon- helps tighten the skin, prevents fatal septics, enhances the immune system, relieves pain

Pimento- antiseptic and inhibits bacterial growth

Marjoram-  prevents bacterial infections, cures fungal infections, strengthens the nervous system, acts as a vasodilator

Clove Bud-  numbing agent when topically applied, relieves inflammation and contains antioxidants

Kava Kava- anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities, eases the release of stress hormones into the body

Tea Tree-  kills bacteria and fungus, reduces allergic skin reactions

50 ml