Leaf Necklace
Leaf Necklace

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Leaf Necklace

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Embody the tropical vibes that takes you back to the resort days. Monstera is a symbol that honors elders and respected people. It also represents longevity.

Length: 16 to 18" (with 2" extender)

Pendant & Chain is available in 14K Gold-Filled or 925 Sterling Silver

About the W.E.O. behind the brand:

The Boxwood Collection, designed by Alexandra Rhode, has a feeling of natural, uncomplicated luxury. Forming pieces that are both modern and effortless in their beauty. Alexandra Rhode earned a degree in engineering in Germany and later enrolled in graphic art and fashion studies in California. Since establishing her jewelry label in Los Angeles she has been at the forefront of a new wave of minimalist designers. Admitting that “working simply” is something that, as a German jeweler, she always aspired to. “It is a story at the heart of Germany’s engineering and design community – everybody there feels it and recognizes the need to simplify. Understatement is part of our German design legacy."