CBD Oil Drops 500mg
CBD Oil Drops 500mg
CBD Oil Drops 500mg
CBD Oil Drops 500mg

Popped NYC

CBD Oil Drops 500mg

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Have you ever tried CBD drops that taste like hemp? If you're not into the hempy taste, Popped.NYC’s CBD Oil Drops are for you! They smell, taste, and work great - leaving your mouth with a minty finish. People “love how clean the flavor is… [it is] odorless and absorbs easily…” Popped.NYC’s Oil Drops are third-party lab-tested and THC FREE.

Popped.NYC’s Oil Drops come with a measured dropper to take the guessing game out of your dosing. 1 Dose = 1mL dropper = 16.67mg

Use their signature method to take it:

  1. Before consumption, rate your pain and anxiety level on a scale of 1-10. 
  2. Shake the bottle.
  3. Fill dropper to the desired amount. (Recommended 1mL)
  4. Squeeze all liquid under the tongue.
  5. Close your mouth and hum a happy tune. 
  6. After you're done humming, swallow the remaining liquid.
  7. Give your body time to absorb the calming properties. 
  8. Rate your pain and anxiety levels again on a scale of 1-10. (Spoiler Alert: Most people improve by a 2 point variance)

Ingredients: CBD Oil and MCT Oil (from coconuts)