Acne Face Pick Fixer Roll-On
Acne Face Pick Fixer Roll-On

Carter + Jane

Acne Face Pick Fixer Roll-On

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PickFix™ is formulated with the highest quality, certified-organic, maximum strength vitamin E oil (D-alpha Tocopherol) along with our award-winning The Everything Oil™ (organic prickly pear seed oil + A3 Concentrate: organic sweet almond oil, organic aloe vera and organic avocado oil). Coupled with the power of organic chamomile, camphor, tea tree and lavender essential oils, PickFix™ is your new go-to emergency skin fix.

Why we love it: "It's really hard to stop the habit of skin picking, and this cute little bottle is so easy to carry around whenever you get an itch, you can bust it out and easily apply it with the convenient rollerball."  

How to Use:

Apply the rollerball anytime after you pick your skin.


Product Ethos:

We use unrefined, gluten-free oils in products that are formulated without water, alcohol or silicone.


Product Story:

Beauty Executives turned best friends Susan Carter + Sara Jane went on a decade long journey to find one skincare product that would do it all. The end result of this amazing adventure exceeded our wildest expectations...The Everything Oil™ is here!

We've partnered with a 100% European Eco-Certified organic farm in Morocco and a co-op of Berber women who harvest the prickly pear seeds with care. The seeds are ready to be cold pressed, and the A3 Concentrate™ is formulated.

We even hand-crafted stunning glass bottles in Italy, to ensure your oil is protected and your bathroom counter top looks beautiful.