WEOSH stands for, Women Entrepreneur Online Shop

Weosh was born out of a need: a need for products that were natural, non-toxic, cruelty-free, environmentally conscious and effective. Weosh takes the guess work out by hand picking each item after testing it out by our team and passing our high standards.

As an on going effort to empowering women leaders, all the products are founded by those who identify as women. We truly believe when you support women, you are bettering the world.

Many online consumer industries are testosterone-dominated, so consumer shopping experiences are often efficiency-driven; however, women - who make up over three-quarters of the consumer population - seek to make shopping a meaningful experience. By combining women-tailored products, a sustainable ethos, and female empowerment initiatives, Weosh caters to the lifestyle of the modern woman and allies who are socially informed, engaged, and eager to make a change!

"Weosh’s goal is to empower women-owned businesses who have gone through obstacles and use it as a driving force to turn their passions into professions!"

Joanna "Geummy" Lee
- Founder of Weosh Store & Weosh Agency

OUR W.E.O.'s

See the Face Behind the Brands

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Your store hasn't published any blog posts yet. A blog can be used to talk about new product launches, tips, or other news you want to share with your customers.

bija essence

Founded by Evelyn, Bija Essence, wants to share the products used in her life everyday— anti-aging plant oils infused with proprietary blends of the highest-grade essential oils.

Made with organic virgin coconut oil produced in traditional ways by farmers Evelyn has come to know and love, from the region where her family has its roots.


Mimi Kim is the #WEO behind Biodara, which is rooted in her experience with autoimmune disease. She developed her skincare products with the same therapeutic, organic oils and botanicals that transformed her health.

She found change and relief through her products, and they can transform your skin’s health, too.


The founder / designer Alexandra Rhode started with designs 'just for friends. She found herself at an artist market in Venice Beach at the beginning of 2015 and that was the catalyst for crafting her own signature lariats that only continued branching out. Boxwood specializes in gold, silver, and leather. work 

Jewelry for women, then children, & now for all. Her design ethos is: Simplicity. Elegant, never ostentatious. Never the focal point, always complementary.

Carter + Jane

Beauty Executives turned best friends Susan Carter + Sara Jane went on a decade long journey to find one skincare product that would do it all. The end result of this amazing adventure exceeded their expectations. Partnered with a 100% European Eco-Certified organic farm in Morocco and a co-op of Berber women who harvest the prickly pear seeds with care. The seeds are ready to be cold pressed, and the A3 Concentrate™ is formulated.

We even hand-crafted stunning glass bottles in Italy, to ensure your oil is protected and your bathroom countertop looks beautiful.

Forest Rhapsody

CJ Zhan-Shahani founded her brand after her pregnancy, enduring bouts of hormonal cystic acne, and failing to find a solution that didn't aggravate her skin condition.

Turning to nature for inspiration – using plant-based bioactive's was without doubt, the optimal solution. In formulating this collection, the guiding principle is not about how many actives can cram into a formula, or how high a percentage the formulas can reach. This capsule collection focuses on using key plant-based actives, optimizing their performance with other proven ingredients, and allowing these key actives to take centre stage in a formula.


LEYOS was inspired by a personal commitment to health and wellness coupled with European healing approaches and family’s background in medicine.

My vision was to develop a next level botanical skincare line that is clean, effective and safe without compromise. LEYOS represents the values of empowering the self, others and the planet with conscious and pure ingredients, products developed with care and intelligence, and sustainable packaging. 

Mikel Kristi

MIKEL KRISTI SKINCARE is formulated and clinically-validated by experts in the field of cosmetic dermatology. Developed in arid Arizona, our products perform in even the most extreme desert conditions, promising you optimal skin anywhere life takes you. Every person starts life with the same healthy biological skin function.

Over time skin conditions develop from aging, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors. Our innovative product formulations are designed to diminish the effects of these influences. Our ingredients are globally sourced to find naturally resilient, nutrient-rich plants that aid in cell renewal and support healthy skin function. Our products intermix to simplify your skincare routine, making it easy to adapt to all of life’s environments.


After years working as a graphic designer, carrying around large boobs (and also large books) on a small frame and birthing two little boys my body was a mess and so was my career. With the help of CBD, physical therapy, a healthy lifestyle and a super scary letter from the bank, I got my stuff together and put together this brand. Every thoughtful detail comes from my existential and physical pain and suffering. I'm a martyr like that. You're welcome.

But, also, on the other hand, I really care about people and their pain and suffering. I dreamed up this world of Popped - a traditional place where something is just a little different - to distract you from all the shitty stuff. I hope you feel the joy and love that is Popped and I hope it makes your day a little brighter. 

scandic beauty

The owner, Deb, is an experienced Emergency Room Registered Nurse. Her in-depth understanding of the human body and medical care, along with a curious, analytical mind, is a tremendous benefit for Scandic Beauty. Her medical experience provides an invaluable knowledge of ingredients and the science of skincare.


Monique Hayes founded Semdora, a pre-waxing oil that numbs the skin before waxing and prevents ingrown hairs. As a licensed aesthetician specializing in waxing, "the main concern that I hear from clients (especially the first-timers) is the amount of discomfort and pain they experience during the process."

So she took matters into her own hands and developed an anesthetic product fueled by natural plant extracts, not harsh chemicals. You, too, can take matters into your own hands - Semdora Prep Oil is available now for a pain-less waxing experience.


Nicole is an esthetician, acne specialist and mom, Often asked for recommendations on kid and teen-friendly skin care products.

She never had a good answer, until now. For delicate, sensitive and acne-prone skin pore-clogging ingredients are a no-no. That is why she developed products that are gentle, healing and truly organic, unlike most brands claiming to be organic that only include one or two organic ingredients!


Two sisters from Calgary, combined their backgrounds in Chemical Engineering and Accounting, to create Velvette Organics!

During their 3 months journey to South East Asia, they kept their skin and hair healthy with their self formulated, natural oil blend that provided hydration in just one step. Learn more in our WEOs section.


Zatik uses the finest method for naturally distilling extracts - capturing the plants’ essential properties. Supercritical CO2 extraction is an efficient and clean way of producing the highest quality, ultra-concentrated extracts.

Using high-quality, organic products - sustainably sourced and powered by the science in nature. Leveraging superfoods to maximize their effective healing, nourishing and regenerative properties. We believe that all products should be pure, simple and effective - without a drop of synthetic chemicals. When you feel good, you look good.










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