Work From Home with Weosh ft. Aimee

Art Director | Sagittarius | INFP 

Hello! This is Weosh’s resident Art Director. I oversee the creative concepts and execution of our agency’s clients. Let’s be real. Working from home is the new normal. Every other day you can probably find an influencer posting about their morning routines. And you guessed it, I will also be contributing to the multitude of morning rituals. Why? Because for people who are still unsure about what their morning routine looks like I want to be able to provide some structural suggestions. This is specifically for the people that are losing their minds during the quarantine and want to find relief. This is for you.

I do want to note that not every day looks like this - some days I wake up at noon and wonder where the day went. Other days I am on top of my game and breaking a sweat at the crack of dawn. 

As a Sagittarius with a Virgo in their Mars, routines to me are the foundation for a highly productive day. So, let me show you how I find balance. 

7:30 AM 

Morning workouts are the key to setting up a good day. I love working out in the morning because it gives me an immediate sense of accomplishment. Am I really awake if I don’t get my blood pumping in the morning?
Recently I had set a goal to get abs by the end of the quarantine period so my workouts have been targeted toward strengthening my core as well as my thighs. There is no perfect formula for my work. I actually alternate between workout videos because I hate monotony. I lose interest and focus if I am doing the same thing day-in and day-out. Variety is key!
The same goes for my meditation session which follows immediately after I break a sweat. Sometimes I am listening to a guided meditation and other times I am sitting in complete silence. Meditation settles my heart and prepares my mind to tackle the day. 

8:00 AM 

I don’t care if you are going to be stuck in your house for weeks on end. You still need to wash your face. Think about it this way, since you are going to be inside all day there is no excuse to not indulge with a face mask. No one is going to be seeing you. Also, naturally, since you are inside that reduces the chances of your skin being exposed to dust and dirt from outside. Now is the time to take back your skin! 

Morning Skincare Routine vs Night Skincare Routine:
If you are a skincare fanatic like me, you probably have heard this a million times, keep it simple. Your morning routine does not need to have 15 steps. As long as you have the essentials you are golden; cleanser, toner, moisturizer/oil, sunscreen. For my fellow dry-skin people, throw on a hydrating serum! During this time don’t complicate the healing process for your skin. Give it a chance to breathe! 

When you are getting ready for bed, treat yourself like royalty. This is the time to slather on your favorite creamy moisturizer and indulgent serums. At night, your skin has all the time in the world to drink up all the vitamins and minerals you put on your face. This is also the perfect time to do any targeted treatment, such as spot treatment or chemical exfoliants. 

9:00 AM 

You’ve fed your skin. Now it’s time to feed your stomach. I drink matcha a lot more than coffee. The process of making my matcha in the morning is therapeutic. Making matcha has become an intentional ritual, almost like meditation. 
I don’t always eat at the right time, and sometimes I am guilty of missing meals. When that happens I try to at least make sure I take my supplements and get some vegetables inside me. A simple snack like steamed broccoli or fruits with yogurt helps keep my body sustained. 

10:00 AM

The best way to transition into your workday is to have a game plan. Identify what the high priority tasks are by creating a to-do list and writing down the things that need to be done today. Once that is done transfer them onto a calendar. This is similar to the Pomodoro technique, where you spend 45 minutes focused on a task and take 15-minute breaks in between. 
The moment my calendar is set I am ready to take on the day!