Summer Secrets - Protect Your Glow

Protecting You from UV and UB

What's lurking in your sunscreen?

It is no secret that you should be putting on sunscreen when you’re out in the sun but how many of us are avidly protecting our skin? What if I told you that UV rays are not the only thing you should be worried about!

Here’s why:

Sunscreen is recommended by virtually all dermatologists to protect your skin and to help decrease your chances of developing skin cancer. It protects your skin but there are user risks caused by harsh chemical ingredients that have the potential to disrupt hormones in the human body and affect our oceans, like harming the coral reef. Oxybenzone and Octinoxate are the main component in most sunscreens but are a serious problem!

The way these ingredients protect human skin from the sun has a reverse effect on the ocean life causing its natural defense system to weaken and coral to die off!!! This very reason is why sunscreen with these chemicals are banned from being sold in Hawaii and why WEOSH is advocating for you to use your purchase power towards a better option; mineral sunscreen.

Without even realizing, our body absorbs 60% of what you apply on your skin. There is also a list of chemicals that are easily absorbed by the body, according to the Environmental Working Group they have even been known to find traces in blood, breast milk, and urine samples. This evidence prompted the FDA to enforce major changes to the ingredients used in many sunscreens.

"It's about our commitment to toxic-free products. We take out the guesswork for consumers. We verify sourcing and continue looking out for raw materials to assure our formulas are up to date and as clean as possible. Our products rank 1 to 2 O.EWG.ORG, we are verified cruelty-free by leaping bunny and certified organic by Oregon Tilth."



What to look for:

Zinc Oxide or titanium dioxide are the two main components to protect you from the sun and are used in most natural sunscreen products. These are both direct mineral components that can help protect you from the sun without harsh chemical ingestion. According to Debra Jaliman, MD, the main difference in chemical-based vs. mineral sunscreen is that Chemical brands are used as a shield on top on your skin to absorb the UV rays where mineral sunscreen is made to help refract the rays away from your skin. She also mentions that if you have sensitive skin that mineral sunscreen is the best way to avoid any kind of irritation. 

Nicole, the founder of Skinbuzz, says her reason for creating a mineral-based sunscreen goes beyond just using clean, organic ingredients that are acne-safe.

“We care for our environment & chemical sunscreens absorb into your skin and tend to include ingredients that have been proven to be harmful to coral reefs.  Skinbuzz created a sunscreen so that t ingredients sit on your skin to reflect the UVA and UVB rays…. so you don't have to worry about absorbing questionable ingredients. With a challenge to make nourishing sunscreen that would help your skin without the white residue other sunscreens can leave on your face, we made sure to produce a product good for you & the environment!”

With our tips, you can safely get the summer glow you have been looking for, it just adds another layer of protection to help your skin stay healthy while you tan!

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