Skincare for the Zodiac Signs

Do you and your friends find insight by checking the Pattern or Co-star app? If you think the stars can tell you about your mood why not let it tell you about your skin! Although your Zodiac sign can’t say exactly what skin type you have, it does draw insight into your personality, how you make decisions & how you go about your day! Check out your sign and see the products Weosh recommends to enhance your selfcare routine!


(March 21 – April 19)
Known to be generous, impulsive, enthusiastic, and impatient, you have a dynamic personality that prefers efficient organic products. Create a personal spa at home by adapting these products below and to maximize your skincare routine. The Jade Face Massager Tool helps cool down your fiery personality. An ancient Chinese beauty practice, this pure jade guasha beauty tool aids in relaxing the skin and toning the face. As a fire sign, soothe your sore muscles and melt away tension with Revive Oil; a cooling and calming oil blended with peppermint. The Odor Defense Roll is equipped with a natural defense mechanism, made with refreshing citrus and vetiver, to keep you fresh on the go.



(April 20 – May 20)
Taurus, you are known to be ambitious and persistent; don’t deter from your goals easily and can have a calming effect on those around you. Your strong and deep connection to nature calls for skincare based on the benefits of plants. As an extensive researcher, you are looking for top products and the following items have been made with the best ingredients that work effectively, yet natural and gentle on the skin. We recommend the Coconut Matcha Mask, Essential Oil Travel Sampler, and the Enzymatic Cleansing Jelly. The Coconut Matcha Mask by Biodara, has nourishing organic coconut milk and the most active form of organic sulfur (MSM), coupled with antioxidant matcha powder to help breakouts, reduce acne scars, and calm inflammation while increasing elasticity and radiance. The Essential Oil Sampler by Bija is a luxurious treat, perfect for intentional skincare on the go. This set contains 4 roller oils to help restore balance to the body. The Enzymatic Cleansing Jelly by Forest Rhapsody, is a dual-action cleanser that doubles up as a treatment mask, gently unclogging impurities that help encourage cell renewal. When in contact with water, the jelly texture turns into a milky consistency and gently cleanses the skin.



(May 21 – June 20)
Balance is essential to the life of a Gemini. To find harmony you stick to rituals but are always in search of something new to add. Change is essential for you to thrive. As an air sign, you might experience some issues involving the respiratory system. A routine involving breathwork, balance, and essential oils will help fulfill what your body and skin needs. We highly recommend Floral Peace Toner by Zatik, Immunity Oil by Bija, and Infinity Ring Necklace by Boxwood. This Floral Peace Toner is a wonderful boost of Eternitynatural energy to your skin. It can be used during your morning routine or in the evening as a refresher. It is the perfect way to add variation to a Gemini’s routine. Immunity Body Oil #1 is harvested from the most natural ingredients filled with vitamins and brings nourishment to the skin for any season (it’s especially great for dry months). The Infinity Circle of Life Necklace is perfect to suit the Gemini’s personality, bringing a simple yet new piece to your outfit to bring new energy to your outfit.



(June 21 – July 22)
Hospitable, warm, sensitive, and true to their values, you stick to strict goals in order to thrive. Nothing gets in the way of your achievements which can cause problems when it comes to taking care of yourself. Not much room for flexibility, you like to stick to a familiar routine. Home is where you find comfort, and you can also be known to be a homebody. Our recommendation is to enhance your routine with hydration and toning serums to improve your skin’s elasticity. Turn your home to a sanctuary with a beautiful Roses Candle from Bija. By using Bija’s Firming & Toning Rejoice Oil, filled with a blend of essential oils, it smooths away cellulite while it firms and rejuvenates dull, fatigued skin. Radiant Revitalizing Serum by Leyos is handcrafted with a blend of powerful and nourishing oils that work synergistically for ultimate skin radiance. Boost collagen, hydration, and overall skin health.



(July 23 – August 22)
The ultimate fire sign; Leo, you are loyal, warm, charismatic, optimistic, and outgoing. You desire to always be there for your friends and this can get exhausting. This is why it is essential to take the time to care for yourself and select products that can brighten your mood. Our recommended items that best fit Leo’s energy is Premium Hair Oil from Velvette, Nourishing & Refreshing Shampoo by Zatik, and Grounding Hematite Gemstone Necklace. Lions are infamous for their mane and Leos are no different. Your hair is who you are and it is important to take care of your locks at any cost. Our all-natural Premium Hair Oil is nourishing for the hair; add a drop or two on your fingertips and massage into the ends for a shine that lasts all day long. The Nourishing & Refreshing Shampoo helps restore the scalp's pH levels and leaves hair soft and smelling great all day (great for sensitive scalps & color-treated hair). Leos do not show weakness and this can create a lot of tension in your body. Wear protective stones, like hematite, known to absorb negative energy and calm in times of stress or worry. Hematite is a very protective stone and is great to possess because it helps you stay grounded in many situations. This Grounding Hematite Necklace, is an accessory to match a Leo’s energy, apart from looking good the it helps balance your Root Chakra, transforming negative energy to more positive vibrations.



(August 23 – September 22)
Dear Virgo, you are known for being logical and orderly. You have a natural spirit to help others and take care of the earth. You take great care of yourself and your skin. You never forget the importance of a clean face and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We recommend the Smooth Resurfacing Serum by Scandic Beauty, Anti-Aging Everything Body Oil by Carter+Jane, and the Clarity Cleanser by Zatik. The Smooth Resurfacing Serum is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, provides light hydration and powerful anti-aging properties suitable for all skin types. Carter+Jane’s Everything Body Oil is perfect for antioxidant protection; it is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and helps boost collagen production. The Clarity Cleanser restores the skin’s natural moisture and balances your skin for a clear complexion while providing a soft, soothing feel



(September 23 – October 22)
Libra, you are recognized for your selflessness, words of wisdom, discretion, and chill attitude. You have an appreciation for beauty and the arts. While you may come off indecisive at first, you value the appreciation of others and like affirmations from those around you. With your skincare you are in touch with finding the best, only adjusting if you’ve found a better substitute. We recommend replacing any uncertainty in your routine with the Odor Defense Roll-On Deodorant by Zatik, Organic Facial Travel Kit by Skinbuzz, and the Essential Body Oil Sampler by Bija. Odor Defense Roll-on is a perfect all-natural, clear formula replacement for your current deodorant and allows for your perfume to shine since it has no scent of its own. The all-inclusive Organic Facial Travel Kit by Skinbuzz is 100% organic and comes with all the products needed for a great complexion. The founder made it for her acne-prone teenage daughter so the formula is mild. The Essential Oil sampler gives you the option to try a new oil throughout the day, leaving your skin refreshed for when/what you need most. The beautiful packaging is even worthy enough to display on the bathroom counter.



(October 23 – November 21)
The beauty of a Scorpio is that you as a person are focused on maintaining your amazing complexion and prefer a minimalist approach to skincare. You are a complex sign that does not fit in a box and needs a skincare routine to match that. Typically in good health, detoxing and antioxidant products are their go-to's. We recommend the Relieve Eye Serum and Peace Toner by Zatik, and the Eternity Dainty Drop Earrings. This Relieve Eye Serum is all-natural, lightweight, and effective. Especially when paired with the floral Peace toner. Known for your sensuality and deep emotions, this toner fits just that as it comes in a beautiful frosted glass container and smells like a floral jasmine garden. This multipurpose natural toner brightens your skin and gives an added boost throughout the day. Don’t be stuck in your emotions! Having a more minimalist lifestyle, these Eternity Dainty Drop Earrings are the perfect accessory! A touch of gold elevates your outfit in a way that enhances your demure.



(November 22 – December 21)
Sagittarius, being curious and adventurous you are often taking risks, sometimes this can lead to multiple interests and spreading yourself too thin. You push the boundaries to see how far you can go whether that is in your education, career, or even the food you eat! Rituals keep you grounded and detoxing is necessary to help maintain peak conditions. For a busy Sagittarius lifestyle, we recommend our organic whipped Sunscreen by SkinbuzzPremium Body Oil by Velvette, and the Organic Calming Shampoo  by Zatik. The sunscreen is mineral-based, coral-reef safe, and the texture is super light like whipped cream! This blendable formula is perfect for a daily go-to that saves the skin from harmful UV rays. It doesn't leave you with any white cast. The Premium Body Oil is super versatile and a simple organic way to rejuvenate the skin, hair, feet, or nails. It dries quickly and the scent reminds us of fruit loops! The Calming Shampoo balances the scalp's pH level with all-natural ingredients. It is the best way to bring salon-quality hair care into a fast-paced routine at an affordable price.



(December 22 – January 19)
Capricorns possess a resistance in their persona and have a unique expression of emotions. For the best skincare routine, it is best to stick to a classic routine that helps with a stressed-out complexion and to bring balance along with relaxation. We recommend Acne Face Pick Fixer Roll On, Earth + Sea Detox Bath & Foot Soak by Biodara, and the Relaxing Rest Oil by Bija. The Acne Face Pick Fixer by Carter and Jane is is formulated with the highest quality, certified-organic, maximum strength vitamin E oil along with an award-winning organic prickly pear seed elixr. Great to roll on acne-prone areas but it can double up as a cuticle healer! The Body & Foot Soak provides a perfect experience to relax while relieving toxins in your body. The Relaxing Rest Oil is an all-natural essential oil blend that soothes your skin to help you unwind and relax, creating a state of serenity before sleep.



(January 20 – February 18)
Determined and headstrong, you know how to take care of your body but can get distracted at times. Your mind is very active which can cause moodiness that could translate into tension in the body. You are naturally resourceful and know what is the latest beauty trend. You often need skincare that calls for a refresh. Our tip to help calm your busy mind: use masks and add preventive serums to aid in your future peace of mind. Some of our recommendations for you, Clay Mask by Skinbuzz, Smoothing & Firming Serum by Scandic Beauty, and an Opal Gold-filled Bracelet. This mask gently purifies, deep cleanses, and exfoliates your skin so it keeps your skin looking fresh for a long time. It also contains superfoods; royal jelly and bee propolis! The Smoothing & Firming Serum uses natural ingredients to eliminate any lines or wrinkles on your skin. This Opal Gold-filled Bracelet is a beautiful subtle accessory that adds a bit of sparkle. Opal draws in a sense of loyalty and emotional stability, just what an Aquarius needs.



(February 19 – March 20)
As a Pisces, you are sensitive, discreet, and sometimes easily distracted. You like to help others and have a heart for listening but are often left misunderstood. The main health problems that you can encounter are related to digestion and anything related to the feet. You focus on your care from head to toe. You are actively searching for a way to find balance and that is very important to your routine. We recommend these products to bring harmony and balance; Organic Toner and Cleanser from Skinbuzz, and the Earth + Sea Detox Bath & Foot Soak from Biodara. The Toner & Organic Cleanser is made with sensitive skin in mind, used to restore balance and purify the skin, this duo will ensure your skin is cleansed and purified. The foot soak helps detox and relieve stress by relieving toxins in your body. After all, you are a water sign so this product gives you another reason to get in the bath!