Signed, Sealed, and Delivered.

Social distancing means more time on social media. It can be hard to connect with our present circumstances when a lot of our feeds are reminiscing on the past and think of a time when we could go out and enjoy brunch with friends, or even just go to visit our extended family. It’s time we get creative & use our present to reminisce on a communication tool of the past…sending a letter! 

When is the last time you received a letter that wasn’t a solicitation or your car insurance wishing you a happy birthday? Can you even remember where your stationery is? 

There used to be a time where sending letters was part of the school curriculum and even further back was the main way people stayed in touch. We have come a long way & it is amazing that you can see someone through your phone instantly! It’s amazing what technology can do but I think it’s time we get creative; let someone know that you appreciate them or send a bit of encouragement their way with a letter, just like when you did with PenPal back in the day! (if you did not have a PenPal don’t worry we have fun tips that can help!) 

Letting your mind use its creative side is a huge part of selfcare; having fun while writing a letter to a friend or family member is a special way to check in on them and give your mind time to relax.