Gift Ideas for Mom

Our editor picks!

Show appreciation to the mothers in our lives with these unique, special gifts:

Everyday luxuries

Gold lock necklace symbolizes her strength and the classic design highlights her elegance. Solid chain pieces made from 14K gold-filled with a gorgeous lock closure. Get it here
Designed by Alexandra Rhode, who is a mom and engineer, she is inspired by functional minimalism and everyday luxuries. 

Iridescent Gemstone 

The meaning behind the Labradorite gemstone - Helpful through changes or transitions in life. Known for promoting strength, perseverance, intuition, and psychic abilities. 
Handmade in Los Angeles, each piece is one of a kind, made with 14K Gold-filled adorned with a gorgeous Labradorite that is opalescent with variants of blues, teals, pinks, and purple. Because we use natural precious stones, each stone will be unique to the beholder and will vary slightly but still hold the powers of the gemstone. Get it here

Candle that smells heavenly

Surround your senses and infuse your space with this illuminating and quietly captivating floral aroma of this all-natural soy-based candle. Red rose is wrapped in golden amber and lush musk, grounded in earthy woods and touched with spice to create a mood of alluring warmth. Hand pourn with love. Get it here

Firming Face Mist

hyaluronic face serum mist
Luxury skincare line from Scandinavia, Ren is a pre-serum mist, makeup setter, and all day hydrater! How this anti-aging, firming mist works: it has a heavy water molecular footprint, deuterium oxide, which delivers a deep replenishment of water.  It then seals the skin’s barrier, thereby holding in precious moisture. Hyaluronic Acid plumps and moisturizes the cells of the skin for a double dose of moisture. Get it here 

Face Mask

Face Masks with Adjustable Straps 
These facemasks are handmade one by one by Nikki, a woman entrepreneur residing in Carlsbad, California who also provides entrepreneurship opportunities for women and families all around the world. 

-Nose wire for a snug fit

-Soft adjustable straps make them more comfortable. 

-Optional insert inside for added filter

-Washable fabric, fade resistance 

Essential Oil Travel Kit

Get all four of our favorite essential body oil that harmonizes your body, mind, spirit and heart. Great to carry in your purse and rejuvenate throughout the day. RISE oil is filled with immune-boosting vitamins, applied to the heart, belly or hands. The REVIVE oil is great for releasing tension in the mind and muscles, we love applying it on the shoulders and temples. The REJOICE oil is great for cellulite, under the arms and an overall mood lifter. The REST oil helps you relax with a thoughtful blend for stress relief and rest. Get it here.