Does using oils leave you oily?

Learn about the benefits & how to use them!

Moisturizer vs. Oil; an article title that has been overflowing with the benefits and differences between them but what’s most important is to think of oil as an enhancement of your moisturizer. Both supply the skin with essential properties and work together to ensure our skin is taken care of. 

Oils like the ones we carry on Weosh are pure extracts from natural herbage to balance your body's natural oil production. If your skin is overproducing oil, this natural concoction will trick your skin to think there is enough and reduce sebum production on its own! The same goes for dryer areas of the skin - they create a protective barrier to keep moisture in while reducing irritation. When you have combination skin, you get both benefits! This is why oils became so popular. 

Moisturizers keep the skin hydrated and if they contain hyaluronic acid they are even more beneficial for your skin but oil plays a different role in aiding your skin health. 

Whether it's dry, oily, or mature skin, they all have very specific needs which is why Velvette oils created a unique blend for each type. To take this a step further, they created one for night and day because our skin can benefit from a deeper soothing treatment while you snooze.

People with oily skin believe that adding oil to your skincare routine is not necessary; however, incorporating oils is beneficial regardless of skin condition.  When the skin becomes too oily, dry, inflamed, or prone to breakouts it can be commonly caused by oil production imbalance. Plant extracts from natural oils mimic the skin's natural oil production and aid in improving your complexion. Velvette helps target areas to replenish the skin using ingredients such as jojoba and Vitamin E oil. These oils can help in correcting problematic skin and maintain proper complexion for those looking for an added layer of rejuvenation. 

The name Velvette is inspired by the soft texture that their oil leaves on your skin. Oils are not meant to leave you feeling oily - that is a very common misconception. Most often oils that leave your skin too oily are not completely made of natural ingredients. We recommend to avoid any type of oil that contains artificial ingredients; most fillers cannot be absorbed by the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) and can cause the oily residue on your skin to attract dirt and bacteria.

Velvette has done research on over 200 different plant oils to find their favorites, what works the best and what pairings are most beneficial to the skin. After a lot of trials they comprised a list of the top 20; using the best texture, nutritional benefits, and the impact the oils would have on pores. Velvette’s oil line hosts a variety of plant oils to help target different skin types and aid in both your day and night time routine. As a result, Velvette creates bespoke blends for their customers, not a one size fits all oil; blends for mature, dry & oily skin as well as a full-body & hair oil. 

With a mission to produce oils that are all-natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free. 

Barring any synthetic fragrances, toxins or chemical fillers. The line was created for their personal use and when they saw the benefits they wanted to share a product they knew was high quality and they had confidence people would enjoy it just as much as they did.

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